Get Better at Black Jack 2018


How to increase your chances at Black Jack

Winning a game of Black Jack can mean a lot of money. You can win easily if you know some basic strategies and if the rules are favourable. If you want to get an advantage, you have to develop card senses. You should be able to get an estimate on how many high and low cards remain on the deck.

Card counting can help you play more professionally rather than recreationally. You don’t necessarily need to play a thousand times to be an expert in card counting. What you need to do is to look at all the cards that are exposed. Count the number of Kings or Queens. You have to include the cards that are being dealt with. There should be equal value of high and low tickets during the game. If you find too many aces or small maps, the deck should be left with high ones. It can be favourable for you. If the cards facing upward on the table have high values, it might not be right for you.

Basic Strategies when playing Black Jack

Many players are having trouble when it comes to card counting. If you are one of them, there are still a lot of basic strategies that you can try. The important thing is to make good timings. You must learn when to double down, stand hit, or split the hands that you are dealt with. Gift shops offer basic strategies. Some of the primers are the following: always split the 8s and the aces. When the dealer has 2-6 hands, and you have 12-16, stand. Double champions – 6 and hit.

Be wise in playing insurance. Just use this when you are confident that you are correct in card counting. Insurance is betting on new money. You have to guess if a dealer has blackjack or not. Always double check the card that the dealer has. If he has 2 through 6, it is considered to be a bad sign. However, if he has 7 through Ace, you have good chances of winning.

Sit as far away from the dealer as possible. It will give you an advantage since you can create strategies while others are playing. You can’t also think well if the dealer plays fast or is in a hurry. Sitting far from the dealer will make you be able to review your hand and the up card from the dealer.

Make sure not to bet all your money right away. Start with small bets and observe how the game is played. Make sure to notice when the dealers are hot or cold. Casinos continue their businesses even if you’re not around. However, if you run out of money, it can be difficult. Make sure to bet the amount that you are prepared to lose.

You should also remember that you are playing against the dealer. Pay attention to them and not to other players. They can’t impact your hand, and they don’t have any idea what cards do you have. Learn to focus.

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