Get Better at Black Jack 2018


How to increase your chances at Black Jack

Winning a game of Black Jack can mean a lot of money. You can win easily if you know some basic strategies and if the rules are favourable. If you want to get an advantage, you have to develop card senses. You should be able to get an estimate on how many high and low cards remain on the deck.

Card counting can help you play more professionally rather than recreationally. You don’t necessarily need to play a thousand times to be an expert in card counting. What you need to do is to look at all the cards that are exposed. Count the number of Kings or Queens. You have to include the cards that are being dealt with. There should be equal value of high and low tickets during the game. If you find too many aces or small maps, the deck should be left with high ones. It can be favourable for you. If the cards facing upward on the table have high values, it might not be right for you.

Basic Strategies when playing Black Jack

Many players are having trouble when it comes to card counting. If you are one of them, there are still a lot of basic strategies that you can try. The important thing is to make good timings. You must learn when to double down, stand hit, or split the hands that you are dealt with. Gift shops offer basic strategies. Some of the primers are the following: always split the 8s and the aces. When the dealer has 2-6 hands, and you have 12-16, stand. Double champions – 6 and hit.

Be wise in playing insurance. Just use this when you are confident that you are correct in card counting. Insurance is betting on new money. You have to guess if a dealer has blackjack or not. Always double check the card that the dealer has. If he has 2 through 6, it is considered to be a bad sign. However, if he has 7 through Ace, you have good chances of winning.

Sit as far away from the dealer as possible. It will give you an advantage since you can create strategies while others are playing. You can’t also think well if the dealer plays fast or is in a hurry. Sitting far from the dealer will make you be able to review your hand and the up card from the dealer.

Make sure not to bet all your money right away. Start with small bets and observe how the game is played. Make sure to notice when the dealers are hot or cold. Casinos continue their businesses even if you’re not around. However, if you run out of money, it can be difficult. Make sure to bet the amount that you are prepared to lose.

You should also remember that you are playing against the dealer. Pay attention to them and not to other players. They can’t impact your hand, and they don’t have any idea what cards do you have. Learn to focus.

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Playing Casino On The Phone


Before the internet, people had to visit an establishment if they wanted to gamble. This places could be legal or illegal. Casinos or rooms filled with slots machines. They put their money on the tables or the machines and enjoyed the experience. Those people stayed for hours inside the buildings.

Nowadays, people can gamble from home. Online gambling has evolved over the years. Thanks to technology the games are more sophisticated. It is impossible to emulate the full casino experience. However, these games are getting close enough.

From The Comfort Of Their Homes

Let’s consider the average working man that enjoys gambling every once in a while. They have a routine, duties, and chores. They are busy on a regular basis and their free time is scarce. For these individuals, gambling from home is the best option.

There will be money involved, but they will save some time. From the comfort of their home, they can bet and win money. The best part is that no specialised equipment is necessary. People can download casino apps on their phones and enjoy the games.

Changing With The Times

Casino companies understood soon enough the need to adapt. They turned the security in the hotels and made everything bigger. The unavoidable truth was that the players preferred to play online. It made sense to them to stay home, and the companies had to find a way to reach them. As a result, casino companies started to create and promote their platforms.

Corporation also invests in popular platforms, so they are present everywhere. This is a technique to adapt to the times. Since the customers are not coming to the tables, they take the tables to their homes.


Casinos earn money three ways, through the average visitor, the VIP visitors, and the slots. Based on this, they built slot machines inside apps. Anyone with a phone can enjoy them and bet real money. These platforms are under the constant surveillance of the authorities. They supervise that the algorithms keep the games fair.

Are apps profitable? Absolutely. People may start putting little money on the app. As they get confident and start winning, they are likely to put more money. According to a study, the average person spends 3 hours daily on their phone. Regular gamblers spend at least half of that time on the apps.

Studios and corporations make the apps friendly. Any user should be capable of playing on them. If the app is too complicated, the user will switch to another. The user should be able to put real money inside easily. The same requirement goes for the cashing process. Users must be able to take their money whenever they want.

We live in a time where every part of our life can be conducted online. It only made sense to start gambling online. The developers guarantee an experience similar to the ones in the casinos. For the sceptical, there are free to play options.

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New Casino Sites UK 2018



It may not come as a surprise that New Casino Sites UK is something that lies close to my heart. We Love Gambling always follow launches of brand and operators, and I want to share some of my best tips if you also are interested in doing the same.

I usally follow these easy step-by-step guide when chosing new casino sites uk.

  1. Pick a favourite comparision website that focuses on new casino sites UK
  2. Read reviews of the latest brands
  3. Compare the sign-up offers between new brands
  4. Always keep comparing your current favourite casino with brand-new operators
  5. Write a list of features that you think is important

What I look for at New Casino Sites UK

I will list a couple of topics below that, in my opinion, are the most important ones when signing up at new casino sites UK 2018. You can always make your criteria on what’s essential for you when looking for brand-new operators. Let this work as a foundation for your search and then make it your own.

Customer Service & Loyalty Programs

A lot of new casino sites in the United Kingdom use customer service and loyalty programs to attract new players. This may sound like something you don’t need to be concerned with right away, but it’s essential. Your gambling amounts add up quickly if you find a favourite place to play. Loyalty programs can give you a significant edge when playing with fresh operators. Customer service is essential if you get an issue for example when withdrawal of money. It’s nice to know that it will be handled correctly and fast if a situation occurs.

Security & Withdrawal Method

Security is something that sounds boring to be aware of when you want to play. But feeling secure should be one of your main priorities when picking new casino sites UK 2018. You also want to check out if withdrawal and deposit have the same payment alternatives. It’s not uncommon that new casino sites have different support for adding or removing funds to and from your account.

Bonus & Condition Terms

If a new casino sites UK bonus sounds too good the be true, it usually is. Always beware of what wagering requirements a sign-up bonus has. Another thing to check is if the bonus amount is on the first deposit or the second, third and fourth combined. One of our favourite sites that always list bonus conditions, wagering and first deposit is New Casino Sites UK. So check them out regularly for all the latest new casino sites UK 2018.

Game Developers

If you been in the business for a time, you know that signing up the best game developers is critical. I always check what game developers the new casino sites UK have signed before even considering a membership. My absolute favourite developers as of now are NetEnt. Be sure to check their games out.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to do your homework before signing up with new casino sites UK. Use my guide to get you started but make your checklist when you get more experience. A tip is to follow companies with a lot of brands and see what they are up to. If you have liked there products in the past it’s not a stretch to say that you also will want their new casino sites UK. You can find all of my articles at We Love Gambling UK. Remember always to have fun and stay safe!

Famous gamblers in the 2000s

Famous-gamblers-in-the-2000sGambling is the most prestigious game in the world. People tend to lose sight of reality and focus on the game because it is nerve-racking for them. This game would be able to crack them! However, it is always best to play in chic and class. Players always keep famous gamblers in mind so they can use their techniques. They make even create their procedures when practising for the old ones.

Famous Gamblers

Gloria Mckenzie

She is known for winning the Powerball lottery in the US, which was around $590 million! She is 84 years old, and she got her lottery ticket by chance in a supermarket! Luck is definitely on her side no matter how old she is!

Cynthia Jay-Brennan

Currently, Cynthia is paralysed from the chest down due to the reckless drunk driving. But before she was faced with such bad luck, she had excellent success. She was working as a cocktail waitress and wanted to try playing the slots machine. That night, she had great luck, since she ended up winning $35 million! With the money, she planned to travel, but the accident changed her life.

Conor Murphy

Conor became interested in horse racing when he first entered the Cheltenham Festival. In this festival, a lot of bets were made on the horses. His fascination allowed him to do crazy things. These crazy things were to bet on five horses before the race in 3 months! This may seem unrealistic, but the one 1 million euro!  This made him go into history because this type of luck and knowledge does not happen to anyone.

Ashley Revell

Ashley always wanted his online poker room but never had enough cash to implement his dream. One day, he got a crazy idea to gamble everything! Everything is his house, money in saving, and sold everything he had.  This may seem naïve, but he had great ambition, and nothing would be able to change his mind. As he went to a casino in Las Vegas and lost a few times, he wanted to try again.  He worked the wheel spun which he ended up winning! After that red 7 was always his luck play since it gave him the hope he was waiting for.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson claimed that his winnings where pure luck and he had no tricks up his sleeve. With all the evidence done, it is searched that he may be telling the truth. Don was on a winning streak in 3 different casinos in Atlantic City. He managed to make around $15 million, while only playing on blackjack! Can you believe the luck he has?

Gamblers in the 2000s

All these people and more take poker games as a type of art and passion, rather than just a game.  These players will be the players that are most successful. They thrive on what they believe and believe that practice makes perfect. Poker, party and play!

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How to stay gamble aware and away from problem

gamble aware

Gambling has helped a lot of people by making them wealthy especially casino owners and some players. It has also made a lot of people go bankrupt as a result of massive losses. Also, some people are so hooked on gambling that they can go to any length to get money to play.However, there are people who do not know how to stay safe while playing games at casinos. They just get carried away by the game they are playing and get overexcited. How to wait for gamble aware and away from problem should be ringing in the heads of all gamblers. Let us take a look at those simple tips that can help you stay away from problem while gambling. They might not like the best tips available, but they can be applied by everyone that is interested in visiting safe.

Helpful tips

The safest way to be gamble aware is to stay away from playing the game for a period. But this might be very difficult for a lot of people. So let us take a look at some more practical steps. Firstly, do not take gambling as an avenue to make money, look at it as a form of entertainment. You can look at it as going to see a movie in which you have to buy a ticket. Secondly, gamble only with what you can afford to lose, do not gamble with your rent. This could land you in big trouble when you miss.Thirdly, it is advisable to decide how much you are willing to lose before the commencement of the game. Immediately you exhaust that amount, just take your leave, that way, you are safe. And you can leave knowing that you didn’t empty your account.

Hard facts

It is believed that the more time you spend gambling, the more money you are going to lose. Therefore, it is advisable to set the alarm to notify you of when to stop playing. This way, even if luck is on your side and you are winning, you can leave before the tables turn. That way you get to control how much you are spending on games. Do not try to recoup the money you lost as this will make you pay beyond what you budgeted. And will lead to even more losses. Gambling is meant to be done in a happy mood when your head is clear. Therefore, do not gamble when you are upset or depressed as this will affect decision making.

Now to some final tips, do not take your cards along with you while going to gamble. Tickets include credit cards, debit cards etc. This will keep you in check when the money on you is exhausted; you can live to play another day. Gambling can be time-consuming, and as such, you might need to take a break in between to clear your head. Staying away from the problem as a gambler is very good.

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Famous gamblers in the 1990s


Gambling is the most prestigious game in the world. People tend to lose sight of reality and focus on the game because it is stressful for them. This game can win them or drop them! However, it is always best to play in style and class. Amateurs look at great gamblers are their role models until they become it.

Famous Gamblers

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

He may have been a record producer at first, but he was smart enough to know nothing is done by luck. Since he was right in math, he has determined that not all roulette wheels are random. Even though that makes sense, no one cared to investigate it more. He studied all the hoops for hours to see which ones he could hack with the dealer’s bias. Once that was accomplished, he would go around all casinos and win money. Eventually, he made his way to Las Vegas, to earn a new profit there until he was known. From then, casinos took in mind the bias of the wheels and attempted to stop them.

Elmer Sherwin

He mostly played the slot machine because he was incredible in it! He made the jackpot more than once, which made his name go down in history. Elmer won around $4.6 million the first time. The second time Elmer earned $21 million, which was his last time playing the slot machine.

MIT Blackjack

The MIT Blackjack team used to believe in card counting, and that this would help them profit. Therefore they kept practising the art of counting until they mastered it. The team used to do mockup games on one another, so they are put in every situation. They ended up winning a lot of money!

Edward Thorp

After hearing about the card count, he decided to take it to the next level; he is their professor after-all! Edward became the master quickly, even better than the MIT Blackjack. His title as a professor helped him throughout the game since he had extra knowledge than the rest. Edward used the computer to determine the right code he needed then took it for testing. Surprisingly, instead of playing for the money, he just published a book out of it. The book still gave him money. This is shown that he only cared about science, having “Thorp Count”, be the title of the card counting.

Gambling in the 1990s

Gambling in the 1990s was at its peak. Players from all over the world would gather in a specific area just to win. As history can tell, all different types of techniques were thought of, even if they needed time to implement correctly. Poker games can be pretty easy, and at times it’s best to play with your mind than just for fun. A lot of money can be made, especially if you know how to handle the pressure and stress throughout it.  Because honestly, once e you play poker, there is never going back!

How does Live Online Casino Work?

how do live casino work

Live Online Casino games are just like other casino games. However live dealer casinos have become a booming industry over the years and as such have become very popular. This is because they are more exciting than other casino games. And they give the player a real life experience while playing from the comfort of their homes. They abide by the same rules that are used in other land based casino games. It is very realistic unlike other online games and still involves live dealers drawing the cards and spinning the wheels. If you plan to play at a live online casino, you get the feeling like you entered a real casino. With all the thrilling excitement and suspense that you experience in a land based casino.

How it is played

The live online game is played via webcam with a live dealer standing at a table waiting for you to place your bets. Sometimes it is only one table that is used while at other times, several tables are used. There are croupiers that will attend to your requests and players can communicate through a chatting platform. As a player, you get to see real cards being drawn, flipped, dices rolled and wheels being spun. And all these are happening in real time. With all these in place, you will agree that the Live Online Casino is a new technology that is groundbreaking.

The technology behind it

Over the years, technology has been advancing at a tremendous rate and this has also spread to the gambling industry. This advancement in technology has brought about the use of live streaming by gaming companies in organizing live online games. Truth be told, it is more expensive to host a live online casino game as compared to virtual online games.Despite this fact, the number of players that subscribe to such live games is increasing daily. Streaming technology has improved rapidly and the quality of image is good as there is no delay. In many of these games, the player gets to zoom in to have a clearer view of the table.

Advantages of playing a Live Online Casino Game

As with any invention that is successful, there are many advantages that come with playing live online games. One thing players love is the fact that they get to play at a real casino with dealers and players without leaving home. Another thing players love is that whenever they feel like playing, they don’t have to run to the nearest casino. This saves them stress and also transport cost as the closest casino may be very far away.Also, there are casinos that are strict about dress code and this is not flexible for everybody. With the live online games, you need not bother about any dress code. Another interesting feature is accessibility as you can play at any time of the day. The most common games are Roulette, Blackjack, baccarat, Hold’em, Three card poker etc.

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Importance of UK Gambling Commission


The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is a non-departmental and independent regulator sponsored by the Department of Cultural, Media and Sport in the British Government. It came into existence in 2005 along with the Gambling Act in 2005.

The UKGC is an essential legal entity. It regulates all kinds of gambling activity. They include Arcade, Betting, and Bingo, Casinos, Slot machines and lottery. It also regulates remote gambling which provides for online betting by telephone or other devices based in the UK. The UKGC does not restrict spread betting which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. In 2013 The National Lottery Commission which governs National lottery became a part of the Gambling Commission.

UKGC aims to ensure that gambling is conducted fairly and openly. After 2014 only licensed operators can offer gambling service. Operators have to meet high standards set by the commission to get a license.  The commission can grant and revoke licenses to gambling operators. The UKGC, also advised the government, on all gambling-related activities. They are also responsible for prosecuting illegal gambling operators.

Online gambling is a huge industry. Players are apprehensive about choosing the right site. There have been many instances of unscrupulous operators and gamblers not being able to cash their winnings. The UKGC gives license to operators whose remote gambling equipment is located in the territory of Great Britain. Casinos which are licensed by the UK Gambling commission are safe. The commission regulates the online gambling industry by ensuring that the company’s software is reliable and trustworthy.

Features of the UKGC

  • Helps in prevention of crime in gambling.
  • Ensures that gambling is not accessible to children and vulnerable people.
  • Users can report if they suspect any manipulation by operators.
  • They monitor and regulate the operators and have a right to insect the financial activity.
  • A list of operators who have a regulatory sanction imposed is available on their site.


Despite the regulatory work done by the Commission, they have come in for criticism.

  • The commission was criticised for not preventing the spread of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals on the High Street.
  • The lack of ability to protect customers in the Canbet and BetButler case was criticised. This was despite the fact that the overall responsibility for UK online regulation was given to the commission only in Nov 2014.
  • In Nov 2017 the Loot box scandal triggered a substantial global debate.

Sarah Harrison, the Chief Executive of UKGC, made significant changes in the gambling industry. They include record fines for operators who did not comply with regulations. The increase in gambling addiction caused her to adopt a hard line attitude towards some operators.

She focused on eliminating unfair terms in operator’s promotional offers. The increase in betting shops in more deprived neighbourhoods was also highlighted. She also took a stand against sexism when she warned that the ICE gaming Event would be boycotted if they did not change their attitude of presenting scantily dressed women to lure people.

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The most prestigious gambling tournaments in the world


Gambling is the most prestigious game in the world. People tend to lose sight of reality and focus on the game because it is a stressful time for them. This game can win them or miss them! However, it is always best to play in style and class. This is why you should know the top 7 most prominent gambling tournaments in the world.

Top 7 Gambling tournaments

Top 7: World Series in New Orleans

The primary focus of this World Series is the parties. The players just care about getting crazy and having a good time. Gambling is a secondary option next to the party, which makes the game mad and out of control at times. But the staff is very generous, and they aim to help out when the players start to play.

Top 6: Latin America Poker Grand Final

In Latin America, you can get business and pleasure. They are known to throw large festivals during any match to get the party started!

Top 5: Aruba Classic

It is the only live match that you can go to any day throughout the year. The sighting there is impressive, and the game takes place on a beach.  The beach contains a bunch of white crystals, sand, clear water; they have chosen a theme to attract more players. The weather in Aruba helps make the match even more successful.

Top 4: Poker Stars European Grand Final Tour

This counterpart is the wealthiest gambling area in European since the buy-in alone is $10,000. Another surprising objective is that the event location stays private until the last minutes. Which then they would let chosen plays know the situation. This makes it even more mysterious and desirable. The place they wanted is classy yet enriching.

Top 3: Sunday Million

This poker competition can be played online. The buy-in is around $215, but the rewards are high. The awards can get up to 25 million to whoever wins! This is more than just extra pocket change! This competition is not only addicting but also enjoyable since you can do it at home! This opportunity should not be passed up quickly and it does not!

Top 2: Online Poker

Just want to make money sitting on your butt? You came to the right place! Just sit in your PJs and relax, because you’re about to make some money.

Top 1: World Series of Poker

This is the most prestigious poker tournament in the world. Whether the player is professional or a newbie, they all compete together. The bets go over a million of dollars. If you do attend this event, you are considered elite.

Why go to these competitions?

These counterparts are always known to have elites that go just for entertainment. Amateurs also go to learn and have fun. Why not join the festivals and experience the high class for once? They sip fresh Champaign and enjoy life. Once you play poker, you never go back!

Top Three Gambling Movies Of All Time

top 3 gambling mobies

Gambling could be described merely as playing games of chance with money and hoping to win great profits. Gambling has been in existence since time immemorial and has profited a lot of people especially casino owners. Even movie producers worldwide have made a lot of profit from producing movies about gambling and gamblers. There are several such movies, but some have made it to the top ten spot of all time. This is due to their uniqueness in showcasing the facts about the age-long trade. Some other movies just portray fiction and relate it to the business, but they do not give the real details. Let us take a look at the top four gambling movies of all time that show essential information. On different lists, they have repeatedly appeared as part of the top ten films of all time.

Nature of Rounders

All-time great gambling movies are packed full with a lot of qualities. They are entertainment, suspense, action, humour, and people get to learn new tricks and tips for their games. Here is a rundown of our top four movies: Rounders, Croupier, Cooler, and Owning Mahony. The movie Rounders was produced in the year 1998 and featured Matt Damon as the significant act. Reports have it that most of the jargons you hear in casinos originated from this movie. This is to tell you how far-reaching its reputation is and its impact on the viewers. The movie pictures Matt Damon as a card shark and at the same time law student. Being a young hustler, he meets an old acquaintance who leads him into different kinds of troubles. In a bid to get out of trouble, he challenges an ex-KGB mob boss with hopes of becoming a lawyer.

Thrilling aspects of the movies

The Croupier is one gambling movie that is rumoured to be one of the best and was produced in 1998. It centres on Clive Owen as a writer who ditched the writing world to become a croupier. Venturing into the casino changes his life completely as he makes new friends such as gamblers and debtors. He, however, gets involved with a fellow croupier, and things get messy making the movie suspense filled. The movie Cooler is another movie that has reached a place among the top four films. It was produced in the year 2003 and tells the story of a gambler who loses every single bet. He found a way to capitalise on his losses and somehow got to infect other players with his bad luck. He gets into a fling with a waitress who makes him lose his hold on other players.

Gambling Addiction

Last on our list is the movie titled Owning Mahowny produced in the year 2003. It centres around a Toronto bank manager who looks like a capable and responsible career man. But a more in-depth look at his live shows he is stealing money from his clients to fund his gambling addiction. A movie that shows what habit can do.

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