Famous gamblers in the 2000s

Famous-gamblers-in-the-2000sGambling is the most prestigious game in the world. People tend to lose sight of reality and focus on the game because it is nerve-racking for them. This game would be able to crack them! However, it is always best to play in chic and class. Players always keep famous gamblers in mind so they can use their techniques. They make even create their procedures when practising for the old ones.

Famous Gamblers

Gloria Mckenzie

She is known for winning the Powerball lottery in the US, which was around $590 million! She is 84 years old, and she got her lottery ticket by chance in a supermarket! Luck is definitely on her side no matter how old she is!

Cynthia Jay-Brennan

Currently, Cynthia is paralysed from the chest down due to the reckless drunk driving. But before she was faced with such bad luck, she had excellent success. She was working as a cocktail waitress and wanted to try playing the slots machine. That night, she had great luck, since she ended up winning $35 million! With the money, she planned to travel, but the accident changed her life.

Conor Murphy

Conor became interested in horse racing when he first entered the Cheltenham Festival. In this festival, a lot of bets were made on the horses. His fascination allowed him to do crazy things. These crazy things were to bet on five horses before the race in 3 months! This may seem unrealistic, but the one 1 million euro!  This made him go into history because this type of luck and knowledge does not happen to anyone.

Ashley Revell

Ashley always wanted his online poker room but never had enough cash to implement his dream. One day, he got a crazy idea to gamble everything! Everything is his house, money in saving, and sold everything he had.  This may seem naïve, but he had great ambition, and nothing would be able to change his mind. As he went to a casino in Las Vegas and lost a few times, he wanted to try again.  He worked the wheel spun which he ended up winning! After that red 7 was always his luck play since it gave him the hope he was waiting for.

Don Johnson

Don Johnson claimed that his winnings where pure luck and he had no tricks up his sleeve. With all the evidence done, it is searched that he may be telling the truth. Don was on a winning streak in 3 different casinos in Atlantic City. He managed to make around $15 million, while only playing on blackjack! Can you believe the luck he has?

Gamblers in the 2000s

All these people and more take poker games as a type of art and passion, rather than just a game.  These players will be the players that are most successful. They thrive on what they believe and believe that practice makes perfect. Poker, party and play!

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