The most prestigious gambling tournaments in the world


Gambling is the most prestigious game in the world. People tend to lose sight of reality and focus on the game because it is a stressful time for them. This game can win them or miss them! However, it is always best to play in style and class. This is why you should know the top 7 most prominent gambling tournaments in the world.

Top 7 Gambling tournaments

Top 7: World Series in New Orleans

The primary focus of this World Series is the parties. The players just care about getting crazy and having a good time. Gambling is a secondary option next to the party, which makes the game mad and out of control at times. But the staff is very generous, and they aim to help out when the players start to play.

Top 6: Latin America Poker Grand Final

In Latin America, you can get business and pleasure. They are known to throw large festivals during any match to get the party started!

Top 5: Aruba Classic

It is the only live match that you can go to any day throughout the year. The sighting there is impressive, and the game takes place on a beach.  The beach contains a bunch of white crystals, sand, clear water; they have chosen a theme to attract more players. The weather in Aruba helps make the match even more successful.

Top 4: Poker Stars European Grand Final Tour

This counterpart is the wealthiest gambling area in European since the buy-in alone is $10,000. Another surprising objective is that the event location stays private until the last minutes. Which then they would let chosen plays know the situation. This makes it even more mysterious and desirable. The place they wanted is classy yet enriching.

Top 3: Sunday Million

This poker competition can be played online. The buy-in is around $215, but the rewards are high. The awards can get up to 25 million to whoever wins! This is more than just extra pocket change! This competition is not only addicting but also enjoyable since you can do it at home! This opportunity should not be passed up quickly and it does not!

Top 2: Online Poker

Just want to make money sitting on your butt? You came to the right place! Just sit in your PJs and relax, because you’re about to make some money.

Top 1: World Series of Poker

This is the most prestigious poker tournament in the world. Whether the player is professional or a newbie, they all compete together. The bets go over a million of dollars. If you do attend this event, you are considered elite.

Why go to these competitions?

These counterparts are always known to have elites that go just for entertainment. Amateurs also go to learn and have fun. Why not join the festivals and experience the high class for once? They sip fresh Champaign and enjoy life. Once you play poker, you never go back!

Top Three Gambling Movies Of All Time

top 3 gambling mobies

Gambling could be described merely as playing games of chance with money and hoping to win great profits. Gambling has been in existence since time immemorial and has profited a lot of people especially casino owners. Even movie producers worldwide have made a lot of profit from producing movies about gambling and gamblers. There are several such movies, but some have made it to the top ten spot of all time. This is due to their uniqueness in showcasing the facts about the age-long trade. Some other movies just portray fiction and relate it to the business, but they do not give the real details. Let us take a look at the top four gambling movies of all time that show essential information. On different lists, they have repeatedly appeared as part of the top ten films of all time.

Nature of Rounders

All-time great gambling movies are packed full with a lot of qualities. They are entertainment, suspense, action, humour, and people get to learn new tricks and tips for their games. Here is a rundown of our top four movies: Rounders, Croupier, Cooler, and Owning Mahony. The movie Rounders was produced in the year 1998 and featured Matt Damon as the significant act. Reports have it that most of the jargons you hear in casinos originated from this movie. This is to tell you how far-reaching its reputation is and its impact on the viewers. The movie pictures Matt Damon as a card shark and at the same time law student. Being a young hustler, he meets an old acquaintance who leads him into different kinds of troubles. In a bid to get out of trouble, he challenges an ex-KGB mob boss with hopes of becoming a lawyer.

Thrilling aspects of the movies

The Croupier is one gambling movie that is rumoured to be one of the best and was produced in 1998. It centres on Clive Owen as a writer who ditched the writing world to become a croupier. Venturing into the casino changes his life completely as he makes new friends such as gamblers and debtors. He, however, gets involved with a fellow croupier, and things get messy making the movie suspense filled. The movie Cooler is another movie that has reached a place among the top four films. It was produced in the year 2003 and tells the story of a gambler who loses every single bet. He found a way to capitalise on his losses and somehow got to infect other players with his bad luck. He gets into a fling with a waitress who makes him lose his hold on other players.

Gambling Addiction

Last on our list is the movie titled Owning Mahowny produced in the year 2003. It centres around a Toronto bank manager who looks like a capable and responsible career man. But a more in-depth look at his live shows he is stealing money from his clients to fund his gambling addiction. A movie that shows what habit can do.

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Who have won the most money at gambling of all time?

biggest gambling winning

Over the years, life has become better and more interesting with the introduction of gambling. Gambling has made it possible for people to make more money in a less stressful way. This is the reason why the easiest way of making money is gambling. People wonder how those who have won the most money at gambling of all time do it. Some call it a mystery, others luck. Whichever it is, there have been unique amounts won.

The Biggest Winners

$590.5 million

A grandmother in Florida known as Gloria McKenzie became popular for winning a power ball lottery. She has become the winner of the largest cash price of $590.5 million. She won the jackpot by beating the odds of about one in 175 million. Her ticket was purchased at in a Publix supermarket. This has been the highest of all wins over time. It occurred in 2013. The amazing thing was that she was 84 when she won the grand Prize.

$40 million

Archie Karas was known for his legendary gambling. His wins were not instant, instead, they piled up over time. In a poker game in Los Angeles, he lost $2 million which made him enter Vegas in 1992. He borrowed $10,000 so as to play Razz. Within  hours, he paid back his friend with an interest of 50%. He kept on winning except for occasional losses. This continued for three straight years until he made $40 million.


On the verge of awaiting a basketball game, a software engineer decided to play at the Excalibur casino. This was in March 2003 and he played $100. He left with a huge sum creating a new record at that time. He beat the odds of one in about 16.7 million.

Lifestyle of huge winners

Despite Archie Karas’ huge win, it didn’t end there as he continued. He lost $11 million within three weeks before losing another $2 million  in poker. This left him with $10 million which he lost over consecutive gamblings. This pushed him to borrowing $4,000 which won him $1 million. After several attempted acts of cheating, he was banned from every casino in Las Vegas and Nevada for life.

A lady named Cynthia Jay-Brennan got a combination of good and bad luck. This spanned for a short time. As a cocktail waitress, she took bets. On her ninth try of spinning at the megabucks, she won $35 million. She had her dream wedding two weeks after. A week after these wonderful events, she was involved in a car accident. It killed her sister while she became paralyzed. She became strapped to a wheelchair.

Gambling is a game. It has its ups and downs. If you win, it will be a tremendous experience. Losing is not a good one but it increases chances. Winners ensure that they don’t quit and losers ensure that they keep playing. Risks are worth it. Those who succeed take huge risks. This is why individuals who bet are risk takers.

How big is online gambling?

how big is online gambling

Online gambling is wagering on the outcome of an event or game using the internet. Wagering is done using something of value usually money. The most common forms of gambling are poker, sports betting, lotteries and casino games like blackjack or roulette. Online gambling is faster than regular gambling. This is because there is no interaction between players and dealers.


Online gambling started in 1994. The Free Trade passed in 1994 allowed licenses to be granted for online casinos. The first fully functioning software was developed by Microgaming a UK  based Software Company and later secured by the development of cryptologic by Antigua and Barbuda. Multiplayer online gambling was introduced in 1998.

UK National lottery was started in 1994. It is operated by the Camelot group. 70% of UK adults regularly play this. The first international Bingo site went online in 1998.

The growth of online gambling

Online gambling became very popular, and the number of websites rose from 15 in 1996 to 200 in 1997. Statistics show and predict a continuous increase in his form of gambling. It is expected to reach 51.96 billion US $ in 2018 which is more than double the value of 2009. In 2024 it is supposed to arrive 96.89 billion US $. Mobile networking and rapid growth of internet features and apps also contribute to the increase in online gambling.

Europe is the most significant market in the world. More than 80 nations have legalised online gambling. This includes Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, France and some provinces of Canada. Gambling is illegal in Singapore and China. In the USA only three states permit online gambling. Regarding revenue, Europe holds the leading share in global online gambling. The UK leads closely followed by Malta. Massive restriction in the US is the reason for weak growth there.

The considerable revenue has encouraged other countries to join. Betting in the Asia Pacific is expected to increase.

Money for online gambling is through credit card, electronic cheque and other electronic money services. American banks prohibit the use of credit cards for gambling purposes.

The popularity of online gambling

Online gambling is growing because it is easily accessible. There is no need to travel. There are no restrictions on time, and it can be done alone. Also, there are many kinds of games, and everyone can find something that appeals to their interest. All these factors have ensured that online gambling is here to stay.

Addiction to online gambling

Any form of gambling can lead to addiction.  In online gambling, players lose sight of reality. They are unable to associate abstract numbers on screen with fact. Online losses do not seem to be a real monetary loss. Pathogenic gambling was first recognised as a clinical disorder in 1980.  One in five online gamblers has been found to be pathogenic gamblers.

There are no product safety standards and regulations to follow. Players play at their own risk. It has become an everyday activity for teens and young adults. Are you interested in more topics regarding gambling you can find them at the front page HERE. Thanks for reading and welcome back!

Gambling on the Phone

gamling mobile phone

With the passage of time, mobile gambling has become more popular than ever before. This is because smartphones have gone a long way in bridging the gap which exists between phones and computers. Based on this, experts believed that the future of the gambling industry lay in mobile applications. This would enable customers to log in quickly and play from any location. Gambling on the phone has been reflected in the attitude of gambling companies. This has been made possible with the design of applications to cater for mobile phones.

Benefits of mobile gambling

Mobile gambling has its beneficial aspects which are useful. First, through the use of the phone, you don’t have to visit a casino. This is to say that with your phone, you don’t have to leave your comfort zone. All that is needed is a browsing phone with secure internet connection. This saves you the stress of walking down the road to a casino. Another advantage it has is the fact that you are not limited to playing with just a few people. This implies that you get to meet online players from far and wide. This way, you are not stuck with the same set of people from a particular casino. It promotes networking and socialisation. This way, you learn new tactics of winning from professionals who have been playing for years.

Top Rated Apps For Gambling On Your Mobile

There have been various applications which have been developed over the years for gambling. This has been made accessible to blackberry, Android, and iPhone users. For each website, there is a maximum of twenty slots and about ten table games for each site.

Mobile Poker is one of the widely known top-rated applications for gambling. It has been verified and certified by top gamblers. This has made it one of the most patronised gambling mobile application. This type of poker is different from another known as mobile casinos. This type does not allow for multiple table tournaments either does it allow for seven card stud. Despite the few limitations which were imposed on its users, it still handles Omaha and holds ’em cash games very well.

Mobile sports betting is another. This betting software is unique because of its features which make it stand out from mobile poker. This software functions the way clients that are desktop-based operate. This occurs by gaining access to similar sports betting, and also live to bet.

Statistics of Mobile Gambling

Its statistics has boomed over time, and this is ranging close to the popularity of Android smartphones and iPhones. According to iPoker Network, forty percent of their revenue came from mobile users. iPoker Network is known to be the third largest networking poker industry in the whole world. This shows that there is an ever-increasing population with gambling on the phone. Are you interested in more articles about you can find them on the front page of We Love Gambling.

Gambling on the phone has made players make money in a comfortable and less stressful way. This shows that the beneficial aspects of mobile betting outweigh its disadvantages. Play and start winning.