The most prestigious gambling tournaments in the world


Gambling is the most prestigious game in the world. People tend to lose sight of reality and focus on the game because it is a stressful time for them. This game can win them or miss them! However, it is always best to play in style and class. This is why you should know the top 7 most prominent gambling tournaments in the world.

Top 7 Gambling tournaments

Top 7: World Series in New Orleans

The primary focus of this World Series is the parties. The players just care about getting crazy and having a good time. Gambling is a secondary option next to the party, which makes the game mad and out of control at times. But the staff is very generous, and they aim to help out when the players start to play.

Top 6: Latin America Poker Grand Final

In Latin America, you can get business and pleasure. They are known to throw large festivals during any match to get the party started!

Top 5: Aruba Classic

It is the only live match that you can go to any day throughout the year. The sighting there is impressive, and the game takes place on a beach.  The beach contains a bunch of white crystals, sand, clear water; they have chosen a theme to attract more players. The weather in Aruba helps make the match even more successful.

Top 4: Poker Stars European Grand Final Tour

This counterpart is the wealthiest gambling area in European since the buy-in alone is $10,000. Another surprising objective is that the event location stays private until the last minutes. Which then they would let chosen plays know the situation. This makes it even more mysterious and desirable. The place they wanted is classy yet enriching.

Top 3: Sunday Million

This poker competition can be played online. The buy-in is around $215, but the rewards are high. The awards can get up to 25 million to whoever wins! This is more than just extra pocket change! This competition is not only addicting but also enjoyable since you can do it at home! This opportunity should not be passed up quickly and it does not!

Top 2: Online Poker

Just want to make money sitting on your butt? You came to the right place! Just sit in your PJs and relax, because you’re about to make some money.

Top 1: World Series of Poker

This is the most prestigious poker tournament in the world. Whether the player is professional or a newbie, they all compete together. The bets go over a million of dollars. If you do attend this event, you are considered elite.

Why go to these competitions?

These counterparts are always known to have elites that go just for entertainment. Amateurs also go to learn and have fun. Why not join the festivals and experience the high class for once? They sip fresh Champaign and enjoy life. Once you play poker, you never go back!