Top Three Gambling Movies Of All Time

top 3 gambling mobies

Gambling could be described merely as playing games of chance with money and hoping to win great profits. Gambling has been in existence since time immemorial and has profited a lot of people especially casino owners. Even movie producers worldwide have made a lot of profit from producing movies about gambling and gamblers. There are several such movies, but some have made it to the top ten spot of all time. This is due to their uniqueness in showcasing the facts about the age-long trade. Some other movies just portray fiction and relate it to the business, but they do not give the real details. Let us take a look at the top four gambling movies of all time that show essential information. On different lists, they have repeatedly appeared as part of the top ten films of all time.

Nature of Rounders

All-time great gambling movies are packed full with a lot of qualities. They are entertainment, suspense, action, humour, and people get to learn new tricks and tips for their games. Here is a rundown of our top four movies: Rounders, Croupier, Cooler, and Owning Mahony. The movie Rounders was produced in the year 1998 and featured Matt Damon as the significant act. Reports have it that most of the jargons you hear in casinos originated from this movie. This is to tell you how far-reaching its reputation is and its impact on the viewers. The movie pictures Matt Damon as a card shark and at the same time law student. Being a young hustler, he meets an old acquaintance who leads him into different kinds of troubles. In a bid to get out of trouble, he challenges an ex-KGB mob boss with hopes of becoming a lawyer.

Thrilling aspects of the movies

The Croupier is one gambling movie that is rumoured to be one of the best and was produced in 1998. It centres on Clive Owen as a writer who ditched the writing world to become a croupier. Venturing into the casino changes his life completely as he makes new friends such as gamblers and debtors. He, however, gets involved with a fellow croupier, and things get messy making the movie suspense filled. The movie Cooler is another movie that has reached a place among the top four films. It was produced in the year 2003 and tells the story of a gambler who loses every single bet. He found a way to capitalise on his losses and somehow got to infect other players with his bad luck. He gets into a fling with a waitress who makes him lose his hold on other players.

Gambling Addiction

Last on our list is the movie titled Owning Mahowny produced in the year 2003. It centres around a Toronto bank manager who looks like a capable and responsible career man. But a more in-depth look at his live shows he is stealing money from his clients to fund his gambling addiction. A movie that shows what habit can do.

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